TWS 12 Headphone TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Wireless Earbuds Stereo Headset


Earphone touch function description .
1.Touch the left ear /right ear, tap one time to answer the phone , touch two time for the left earphone , and touch two time for thr right earphone lower the volume , touch the left ear 3 times next song , touch the right ear 3 times last song, long press the siri function for 3 seconds, long press five seconds to turn on and off,when calling, two earphones call at the same time .
2.Turn it on again after the power is off , and the headset will automatically connet to the mobile phone . 3.The whole machine has voice prompt. 4.The headset is a two- channel call, with sound on the left and right ears . 5.The music playing time of the headset is about5-6 hours , the talk time is about 5 hours , and the standby time is about 200 hours . 6.The battery capacity of the headset is 35mAh , the charging voltage of the charging box is 5V , and the charging time is 60 min . The blue light flashes when charging, and it is always on when full.
7.The charging box can charge the headset about four times , When the headset is charged , the red light is always on and the full light is off. 8.The headset red light is always on when the charging box charges the headset.


Use procedures and special instructions 1.Pairing name MESBONVE 2.Open the upper cover of the charging box and take out the headset, and the headset will automatically turn on for pairing. NOTE the two earbuds can be pairing automatically. If you can´t connet two earbuds, them try this way touch the headset twice on one of the earbuds into pairin mode.


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